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Where To Eat Italian Style In Glasgow?

There are many great Italian restaurants to choose from when wanting to eat out in Glasgow. Here are some of the places we’ve visited and we recommend.


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Don Costanzo

Situated in Glasgow’ West End, this family owned Italian restaurant is a must visit. Ran by the daughters of the Don Costanzo, there is a huge selection of great dishes to choose from. Great pastas and some lovely meats too such as the meatballs (which we recommend).  It’s worth checking out the specials board for dishes you might not expect and a lot of the best dishes can be found here. Friendly and approachable staff in a relaxing dining environment.

Piccolo Mondo

Flavour is everything at this restaurant and that’s headed by owners Giuliana and Tony Pierotti.  If you’re looking for traditional Italian dining then this spot is for you. The seafood platter is ever popular if you’re into that. The Scottish streak is great too if you’re looking for an Italian meal that’s quite filling. For desert then looking no further than the chocolate covered brownie. Another relaxing dining experience to enjoy with friends or your loved ones.

Tony Macaroni

If you’re looking for hearty Italian dining in a great atmosphere when look no further than Glasgow’s Italian restaurant, the one and the only Tony Macaroni. Great pizzas and pastas at a great price. With restaurants in the city centre, west end and actually over the country, you will find great times at this well-known Italian eatery. Lunch and dinner options are available. Great for family or a group of friends.

These are only three Italian restaurants that we’ve mentioned but they’re ones you should definitely give a try.




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