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Better Productivity – Open Or Closed Office?

It’s time to move office but you need to figure out what type of office space you want. The open plan or the closed office space?  What’s going to give your company that extra edge against other companies? What will work in the long run for success and growth of your brand? There are several factors you need to think of when deciding which office layout you choose. This can include costs, the office culture and so on.

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How much does it cost to set up the office in the first place

One of the biggest tasks when choosing your office space is the cost of it. Choosing the open office rather than a closed office is a lot more cost effective to start rather than a closed office. It’s cheaper in terms of keeping the place warm, the set up and making sure the place is warm. Having the open office enables you to change the set up any time you want at east and without cost. The open office also allows for more space so you can have a smaller space with more employees with office rent costing less.

Having space to conduct business in private

In the instance of having a place to conduct meetings in private then the closed office is the best shout. Closed or secluded rooms are best for taking private calls, important meetings or even catch-ups between colleagues. Fewer distractions happen in a closed office environment too. If you’re dealing with any HR issues then this type of office environment is more beneficial. HR Consultancy Glasgow are a group in Glasgow who can advise on this as well.

Communicating in the office

Great communication in the office is important to company growth. Open communication between people is easier to come by in an open office. Better communication fosters better relations in the office which in turn means people are generally happier.

Bonus – Office Comfort

Office furnature can have a direct impact on productivity. Maybe outside the open or colsed office debate, but still – make sure you get staff a comfortable office chair. Image Credit: Office Chairs Glasgow by Site Office Solutions


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