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Sport in Scotland

Scotland is a country that loves sport.  A passion if you will. It might be to do with the endearing landscape outside that’s provided us with a number of fantastic sports stars. It could be the passion of our people that love the outdoors and what it has to offer. Who know’s what the answer is but what we know Scotland is amazing at sport and it’s embedded in our culture.

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People around the world know that Scotland is the birth of many sports.  Golf, Hockey, Rugby all started in Scotland. A lot of people get mistaken and think that football was also formed in Scotland. The truth is, it isn’t. We did officiate the first ever English league match and the first ever International game was played in Glasgow too. Football is Scotland’s top sport with great teams like Glasgow Rangers.

Scottish Sports Fans

Scottish sports fans are also some of the greatest fans in the world.  We’re known around the world for our friendly outlook, vocal chants and as a general proud people. We also adore our many sports stars that have graced our eyes over the years. It’s popular to collect messi signed shirt memorabilia in Glasgow too when he faced Celtic. Showing that we have the teams to attract players like Messi.

Scotland – Home of Golf

Scotland has been playing golf for hundreds of years.  The history books go as far back as the 1500’s. The sport is played by everyone around the world and is worth billions of pounds in the professional game as well as the amateur. The game of golf is regarded as a game by the elite but in Scotland, everyone has the option to play on some of the best golf courses for a small fee.

One of the biggest tournaments, the Ryder Cup was played at Gleneagles in 2014.It put Scotland at the centre for golf and put it on the map, as a place to host such a great event. Over 40,000 spectators attended which generated lots in revenue for the economy.






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