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When’s The Easiest Time To Move In Scotland?

It’s time to move home. It happens for every family in life. It can be for a number of reasons such as a new job, needing a bigger home, or moving closer to your loved ones. Whatever the reason, you might think to yourself, when’s the best time to move? There are various factors to consider when deciding to move. Let’s find out what you need to think about:

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Choosing the right time to move

The time of year is important. It’s best to move in the time of Spring and Autumn. As it’s less busy than summer and easier to get around than in winter. if you’re on the east coast removals Edinburgh based¬†firms will be more than happy to help. And another great point is, it’s cheaper to use removal companies during Autumn and Spring as they’re less busy.

Moving on the weekends is a no no. It’s more expensive than during the week. Avoid the start of the month too as well as the summer months when the kids are off.

Adapt to the school year

It can be a challenge on moving day with the kids around. It’s important to work around the school year. It might be more expensive to move in summer but the kids will have finished school and been able to say goodbye to their classmates and there wouldn’t have had the disruption of missing school due to moving house.

Avoid the holidays

This might be an obvious one but it’s important to avoid moving during the likes of Christmas, Hannukah and easter. During this period it will be quite busy with people going home for the holidays.

Other things to think about

Moving during summer might be the easiest time to move with kids off school but there’s other things you need to be aware of when deciding to move home. Deciding what removals company to use and the pricing that they offer as it will all depend on the time of year and their ‘peak times.’

¬†It’s something that’ takes a while to think about but by following this guide you should find it easier than you think when moving home.


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