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Creating Technology: A Scottish Success

Scotland is known to be a country with lots of successes in terms of business start ups and innovation. A company which should be thought about in this manner is PCB fabrication and manufacturing specialists, European Circuits who are based in Clydebank in Glasgow.

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Who are European Circuits? What’s the history and the ethos of the company and how have they made an impact in Scottish society and business as a whole?

Who are European Circuits?

The organisation is fronted by Mark Briscoe, and since the creation of European Circuits, it has gone on to become one of Europes top PCB fabrication companies.

The ethos and goals of the company are quite straight forward; to provide loyal customers with advice and assistance on their PCB needs. Once these requests have been processed, it’s Europeans Circuits goal to produce these requirements to the highest possible standard and provide the best possible customer service into the bargain.

Established way back in 1999, the privately owned company’s main assembly factory is in the heart of Clydebank.  They offer full integration services such as PCB design, PCB Manufacturing,  PTH, SMT assembly, cable assembly and full product build.

How the company has grown

The company is a huge business success for the area of Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire and Scotland as a whole.

The company has made even more strides at a national level by redesigning their website, making it mobile responsive and investing in an SEO campaign to become more noticeable on search engines.

Looking ahead to the future

While in investing in their online presence, they’re also investing in their infrastructure and networking opportunities. European Circuits is looking to improve the way with the factory runs with an x ray machine being part of new large purchasing plans. Expansion of the grounds and the mezzanine floors are something which is seriously being thought about too. European plan to attend more events this year with Sweden and England already been visited within the first quarter.




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